In 2008 the Open Society Foundation for South Africa (OSF-SA), in partnership with the Departments of Community Safety of three provinces, embarked on a new strategy to support efforts to promote community safety. The partners believe that a balanced approach, which also recognises and seeks to address the social, economic and environmental drivers of crime, provides better prospects for long-term safety. Elsies River in the Western Cape, Orange Farm in Gauteng and Nompumelelo in the Eastern Cape were identified as pilot sites for the project.

This website documents the OSF-SA Crime and Safety Project, and provides the reader with access to the literature that has been produced as part of the project, as well as the supporting documents that informed the literature.


The Publications section of this website contains PDF files of each of the publications we have produced in support of this project. These include our Key Findings booklet as well as the four Policy Briefs which provide a summary of the discoveries and policy suggestions that came out of the project.


The Data section of this website contains the unpublished literature produced by the Project, as well as other supporting documentation that went to inform the project findingss. This includes:

  • Full Monitoring and Evaluation reports
  • Graphs showing the rating for each of the component indicators making up the nine themes used to assess the strengths and weaknesses of Community Safety Management in each of the pilot sites
  • Documentation in table form, showing in detail how each of these ratings was arrived at
  • Other supporting documentation, such as the National Crime Prevention Strategy and the World Health Organisation Indicators for International Safe Communities